Implementation of Syntactik language for .NET

Compile Syntactik files into XML or JSON in code or use the command line tool.

Use cases

Compile from command line

Compile set of Syntactik files using command line tool slc.exe into XML or JSON files.

Compile programmatically into XML or JSON

Syntactik compiler has customizable pipeline. It can be configured to take input from files or .Net strings. It also can be configured to generate XML or JSON documents in memory or store them in files. The generated documents can be passed to XML or JSON APIs programmatically.

Compile into XmlDocument or JToken

The pipeline of compiler can be customized to produce XmlDocuments or JTokens in memory.

Compile into Syntactik DOM objects

Syntactik compiler can produce native Syntactik DOM objects instead of XmlNodes or JTokens. If the application uses Syntactik format as a configuration file format, for example, it doesn't have to depend on XML or JSON libraries.



Syntactik.NET Documentation provides API Reference.

Chat room

Discuss Syntactik language, Syntactik.NET library, or Syntactik Editor online in the Gitter chat room.


Join Syntactik Google groups forum. Look through the forum topics to find the answer or create the new one.

Bug or feature?

Report a bug or propose a new feature in the Syntactik issue tracker.

Open source

Syntactik.NET is an open source software. It is free for commercial use.
GitHub repo.