Syntactik Editor installation instructions

  1. If you already have the installation file go to the step 5. Otherwise, visit Syntactik Editor webpage to download the installation file.
  2. Register for the demo on the bottom of the page. Name and Email fields are required. Click on the "Register & download demo" button after filling out the form.

  3. You should see the Thank You popup and the installation download will immediately start.

  4. Open the confirmation email and press Confirm Email button.

  5. Run the downloaded installation file. If Windows Defender SmartScreen shows the warning message then press "More Info" link and check if the value of Publisher is Syntactik. If so press "Run anyway" button. The installation file is signed with digital signature using certificate issued to Syntactik by DigiCert.

  6. When setup starts, read the license terms and conditions and select the corresponding check box if you agree with them.

  7. By default the application will be installed in the Program Files directory. Press Options button if you want to change the installation path.

  8. Click on the Syntactik Editor icon on the desktop or in the Program Menu.

  9. Create the new Syntactik project.

  10. You will see the error message because there is no Syntactik License installed.

  11. Press OK. The Syntactik Software Activation window will pop up. Press "Request Trial License" button.

  12. In the new window please fill in your email and press Request License button.

  13. If you haven't registered before, you will see the informational message. If you have registered on the website or in the application before then go to the step 16.

  14. Fill out the registration form. Name and Email fields are required.

  15. The confirmation email will be sent to your email. Application will wait until you confirm your email. Please perform step 4 of this instructions list to confirm your email.

  16. Application will request the license from the license server.

  17. In some cases application will send the license confirmation email to confirm that the license is requested by you. Open the email and press the Confirm License Activation button.

  18. If the license is successfuly installed then you will see the informational message.

  19. The full information about the active license should appear in the Syntactik Software Activation window. The application is ready for use at this time.

  20. Example project is installed in folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\Syntactik.